Monday, August 31, 2015

Well Hello Argentina!!

Hey team, guess what!!?!? I'm in Argentina!!! That is so weird! I can not believe that I'm actually here!!! The plane ride was awesome! I talked to this guy who lives here (thank Heavens he knows English) And I told him what I was doing. He said that he thinks Argentina needs that right now! So sweet!!! 
Elder Boyd - (From Florida), First Area = Las Heras

The first night we went around a crowded street and did contacting! That was a very humbling experience! But it was awesome!! We actually got two addresses of people that were interested, so that was definitely a miracle!  

Then later we got assigned our comps and our areas! My comp is Elder Boyd and we are in Las Heras! Elder Boyd is probably the coolest missionary that I've met so far! He is really into the work! I'm really happy that I get to work with him!

Our apartment is pretty ghetto. It's actually really funny! One night the APs were sleeping in our pension (place) and some how these dogs got into our house in the middle of the night! When I woke up in the morning there were these puppies sleeping in our hallway and we all had to chase them out!

By the way, tip about dogs. If you are in Argentina, and there is a big scary dog running at you. Just bend over and pretend like you are picking up a rock, then they run away. 

Life is good! Its very humbling being here! Just knowing that I can not do this work on my own! It is not possible! We all need to rely on the savior. He will make us into so much more than we can be on our own!

First District in Las Heras
On last cool thing! Our mission president is a boss! He is so awesome! Our mission scripture is Matthew 28:19-20, the same as my plaque scripture! He knows where we want to go with this mission! We want to build a Patagonia temple! That is the goal! I think its so cool that He has that vision for this people!

I love life! I hope you all do too! Take some time this week to get to know your savior Jesus Christ. It will be well worth your time!

Elder Himes


P.S. It's kind of funny Cause there is only one computer that we can use so as a companion ship we email for three hours!! Cause we get 90 minutes each! Also pics take forever.

What the heck! Umm actually packages do work, just send them in a envelope

not a box.I will give you the address for packages next week! So that way you can send the stuff.

But its not even that cold in the pensions. I don't know, maybe it will be in ushuai. 

Its still loading so I'm still typing. Did you know, I love you! Its true! 


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