Monday, September 28, 2015

I Became Legal in Argentina

Hello family and friends! I have had another fantastic week at the end of the world!

One cool thing that happened this week is I became legal in Argentina! My comp and I woke up at 245 in the morning and took a bus to Comodoro. And then did a bunch of legal stuff. I didn't really know what was going on, but after a month in the mission you kind of get used to that.

After Comodoro we went to have a Zone Conference with President. That was sweet! We played a game of PMG (Preach My Gospel) chase. You have to find which page contains a certain phrase in PMG. It was super fun.

This past week we taught a new investigator named Deborah (Sorry Mom not you.) She is super prepared for the gospel! She said she likes it when we visit her because she feels peace in her house! Oh man! So cool! She has a baptismal date set, and I think she is really going to progress.

Yep! It was a great week, and it is just going to get even better cause it's GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! Oh my word, I am so excited! It is going to be so good! I encourage all of you to watch it with a question in mind!

Well Family and Friends! I love you all, you are all great! I hope you have a fantastic week! Go do some random service! It will make your day!

Elder Himes

PS. Yes, I ate that whole sandwich

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hey Team Avatar!

Hey Team Avatar! No one watches avatar down here. So thanks for letting me say that!

I had another awesome week at the end of the world! We have seen some miracles and good times down here!

One day we were contacting and we came across these people who had lessons from the missionaries a year ago. They used to go to church but stopped a long time ago. The mom told us that she wanted to start going again! And they are married. This is incredible! We are going to start teaching them soon! My comp and I were so amazed by them that we stopped and said a prayer of gratitude afterwards. It was awesome.

Imagine a Tic Tac instead of a cookie on top...
We did a noche de hogar (Family Home Evening) based off of the scripture Helaman 5:12. We played the game were you make a tower of flour with a Tic Tac on the top. Then you take turns cutting it, and who ever makes the tour fall has to find the Tic Tac with their mouth. I was
 that guy. Ew, so gross! But It was still awesome! And I felt an overwhelming happiness being in there with that family!

This week was great! I hope you all have a great one too!!!

Elder Himes

PS. Tender Mercy this week I ate peanut butter! Oh my heavens it was so good! It was from Paraguay.

Monday, September 14, 2015

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Hey Everyone! It snowed today!!! Yay! Actually it was really cold! But its all good! This week was a pretty sweet week! I hope it was awesome for all of you as well!!

This week we were teaching this lady about the restoration. As she was reading a part of the pamphlet, I pulled a Book of Mormon out of my bag, and put it on the table. My comp looked at me really weird and made me put it back and he pulled out his own to give to her! What the heck! That was weird. After the lesson he laughed and said, Do you know why I had you put it back? I looked at the book again and it was in English! Ha! That was pretty funny. Now I always check to make sure it's in Spanish!
Image result for dulce de leche argentina

Just to let you all know, dulce de leche is so good! I think I probably eat way too much here, and I'm probably going to get fat, but I don't even care.

This week we got to watch two baptisms. They were both 9-year-olds being taught by the Hermanas! It was super sweet to watch!! The spirit was really strong there!

Guys, can I just say that Heavenly Father is awesome! His plan for all of us is so so so cool! We all have the opportunity to follow Christ and have eternal life! That is so cool!

I hope that you are all doing well! Have an awesome week! And take a little bit of time to get to know Christ a little more. I have been reading in the New Testament and I feel that has really helped with that! I love you all! Until next week!!

Elder Himes

Monday, September 7, 2015

Current Address

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Elder Marcos Caseres  
Elder Samuel Himes
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission 
Av. Fray Luis Beltran 75 
Comodoro Rivadavia Chubut,
9000 Argentina

Padded envelopes and regular letters get through... no boxed packages.


There is a lot of wind here!

Hello Beloved family and friends!

Life is pretty good here down at the end of the world! We have been doing work down here. I am tired a lot of the time! But its all good! The members down here are really really nice. So nice that I'm probably going to get fat really soon! But I guess there are worse things that can happen.

This week our water shut off for a few days! It felt good to take real shower after a few days of bucket showers! 

This Sunday I went up and introduced myself in front of the branch and bore my testimony. It was pretty cool. I think its awesome that you can still feel the spirit even in broken Spanish. 

It was a good week! I love you all, have an excellent week!!!

Elder Himes

Bonus Info from a letter to Mom with more information about travels:

We flew into Buenos Aires. When we landed we had no Idea how to get down to Comodoro. We met up with a big group of missionaries and we were all just waiting there to see how we were going to get down there. Then these random people that I didn't know told me to get into this semi creepy looking van, so I did. And then they drove us to another airport. When we got to the airport we were just kind of standing on the sidewalk chilling, cause we still didn’t know what to do. And then a bus of Latino missionaries drove up and we met up with a few other missionaries going to our mission. Only one of them spoke English, so we all kind of translated through him.

Then we got on another plane to Comodoro. I slept to whole way, except when I was eating Argentinean candy, which is really good!

Then we landed in Comodoro and no one was there.

We waited, and no one was there.

And then still no one was there!

So told everyone that I had presidents number (Cause I was travel leader) and we called him. Apparently, they thought we were going to arrive like two hours later. Ha! So we met the APs and put our stuff in their trucks and started driving. They drove us around Comodoro and then we went to go do street contacting. I’ll be honest, it was so scary! But it was good! I just don’t know Spanish. It’s fine!

Then we slept in some other Elder’s pension (apartment). Next day we did some training and all of the trainers came in and we ate ravioli for lunch with them. Then they assigned us to our areas and companions! Elder Boyd is awesome! He is from Florida and has a year in the mish. After that we kind of just waited for a bit until we took a bus to our area, and didn't really get to bed until midnight! It was like a three hour bus ride. 

The First Pension (Apartment)