Monday, April 17, 2017

Little Post Because Little Time...

I have very little time today. 

The baptisms were awesome. They are named Jose and Fernanda. I will talk more about them next week. They are the coolest though. It was very special. They both told us that we are now part of their family. It was great!!!


Elder Himes 

P.S. There was also a wedding

Monday, April 10, 2017

Rainy Days and Baptisms

Her there everyone! How is life going? We are going good over here! 

This week it Rained a little more, but not as bad as last week. It didn't hit as hard as it did in Comodoro, but my comp and I still got pretty darn wet. 

But the greatest was this Saturday! We had three baptisms in the branch. Fernando and Dario were investigators of the other Elders and the Hermanas. And then our baptism was Roxana. My last comp, Elder Clark Found Roxana like 6 months ago. They talked with her son first and then she started listening to us. We have been going by every day for like the past month. She had some very spiritual experiences.

I remember One day my comp and I were thinking about what we could do to help her. We said a prayer to know what she needed. I remembered about something that I did in the MTC in a practice. We invited our practice to do a prayer and ask specific questions. Like if God loved him. If this was the true church. Then after the prayer we just waited in silence for a few minutes to see how we felt. There in then MTC we felt the spirit really strongly after that prayer. So we decided to do the same thing with Roxana. 

We taught her a lesson about the atonement and told her that Christ had suffered for her and loved her so much. She said that is hard to believe. So we challenged her to do the prayer right there, and it was awesome. She talked about how the next day she felt so good, even though it was just a normal day. She said that she felt different. It was so awesome. That is something that I've learned here on the mission. We don't convert anyone; the spirit does all of the work . All we do is invite the spirit. Now Roxana has really good prayers, she is always very sincere. 

Thanks everyone for all of the prayers! You are the best have a great week!

Elder Himes

Fernando and Dario's baptisms:

 Roxana's baptism:

Post baptism celebration cake...

A video of the rain in Comodoro last week:

Monday, April 3, 2017

The Tempest Was Raging

Hey there everyone! Wow, wasn't General Conference just awesome? I absolutely loved it. The coolest thing was that there was one talk especially for investigators. Sunday afternoon session by Elder Costa. During that talk we had 3 investigators listening! It was so great! 

We had a very interesting week. This week we were going to have a consejo <conference?> with all of the zone leaders this Thursday. Instead we had the biggest rainstorm we've had in 40 years in the city. Here in Comodoro they are not all that used to rain. The city is not prepared for it. This week it rained all that it usually rains in a year here in 2 days.

So we traveled up to Comodoro the night before, not knowing it was going to be so bad. When we got there we had to stay in the pension <apartment> all day. We couldn't even leave to buy food. In some parts of Comodoro it took cars away, flooded streets, and even dropped some buildings. (it took all of the dirt our from underneath of them.) So Thursday we were in the pension all day. Friday also. Except for the end of the day, President let us go play ping pong in the church. Then at last we were able to go home Saturday morning.

We got to conference a little late cause the roads were destroyed but we were able to watch it! It was awesome. It was really cool when the 70 who was the mission president in Washington talked about looking up and opening your mouth. So right after that session we took a picture doing the same. 

Here in the city were I live, Caleta Olivia, the rain came but not as bad. But the missionaries that live in Comodoro I think will probably be doing a lot of service in the next month. Life for us here will go on pretty normal. We are just going to open our mouths and look up!

Elder Himes

Look to the sky and open your mouth!

On the way to General Conference with the Zampa family:

8 Elders, 1 Apartment, 2 Days: