Monday, October 26, 2015


Hey Family and Friends!! How is it going! I'm loving it down here!!! This week we was an Hermana´s birthday in our district. So we got together with some members and made waffles for everyone! Holly heavens they were so good! The only problem was there isn't syrup down here... they put dulce de leche on their waffles here. But I guess that's not the worst thing that can happen!

Oh my word! We have had some awesome lessons this week! We had one miracle lesson with Fabian and Deborah. Fabian was baptized when he was 14 but hasn't been to church in years. Deborah isn't a member. During the first lesson we invited them to be baptized. And then we couldn't find them for a long time. Then we finally found them again. We taught them the Plan of Salvation. And Deborah understood everything! She understood why we invited her to be baptized, and why in is necessary. When she said the final prayer she said ´thank you thank you thank you for the words of these boys! What she was feeling grateful for was the spirit she felt! 

Ah! So awesome! I love being a missionary! It is awesome! I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Himes

Monday, October 19, 2015

Feliz Día De Madre!!!

Hola Familia y amigos!!!

How are you all doing! I am stupendous!! We had a really good week with lots of ánimo! (cheer)

This week we were able to teach a lot! Not a ton of work with Investigators, but lots with menos activos (less active). None of our investigators are really progressing. But there are some less active families that are really doing great! It has been awesome to bear simple testimony to try and help them!

So apparently Mothers day is in October over here. So that's cool. I tried to Skype home yesterday but no one answered.... Oh well. Just kidding! But really though, yesterday was dia de madre! It was awesome! We went and had a huge asado with some people in our branch (Asado is a traditional Argentinian meal. Basically you just put a ton of meat on a grill until its done... I'll cook it for you when I get back) It was so good! I am definitely going to get fat down here.

It was an awesome week! We just need to find some investigators with a desire to progress! I hope you are all doing really well! I love you all a lot! Have a great week!


Elder Himes

PS. I made French Toast last night in my pension (apartment) and it was really good

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Miracles and Sea Lions!

Family and Friends!!! How are you all doing? I hope you are so good! I know I had a good week!!!

The other day we found this guy named Damian by knocking doors. He told us that a lot of stuff just happened in his life and he would be interested in listening to us. Then a few days later we decided to try and find him again. But we could not find his house at all!! It was so frustrating, we were just walking around in circles. And then it started to hail. Oh my goodness! What in the world is happening. But then when the hail was coming down hard, we found his house and knocked on his door. And (I think) because it was hailing he let us in! We had a really awesome lesson with him and he is really interested! What I learned is miracles come in many forms. Sometimes they come in hail storms, we just need the patience to realize it is a miracle!

This Monday we had a Super P-day! We all got together with the zone and went and saw the sea lions! It was super cool! Sea lions are cool cause they make funny noises and nap all day. But it was sooo cool doing it because we were in nature for a bit! Then afterwards, a member cooked us an asado (traditional Argentinian barbecue), and we got Ice cream at Grido (one of the best helado (ice cream) places in Argentina) It was an awesome p-day.

Well team! I hope you have an amazing week! Keep on praying everyday! I love you all!

Elder Himes

Monday, October 5, 2015

La Conferencia

Hello Family and Friends! I don't know about you all, but general conference blew my mind! Oh my word it was soo good! I was more excited to watch general conference, than I would to be eating cinnamon roles in Disneyland! It was so good! 

We got all together in a stake center to watch it. All of the gringos got to watch it in English! That was so awesome! Then after the first session the members gave us a really nice lunch! It was super cool! 

I think that my favorite part of conference was the testimonies of the three new apostles. They really expressed a lot of my feelings right now. I felt a lot of comfort to know that my mission call is from God. Even though I am week, God can make me into something great. I just need to turn it all over to him. That was really special for me!

Also the one about Moms was really good! Everyone who reads this, call your mom and tell her that you love her!

It was an amazing weekend! I definitely need to study the talks again! 

I love you all very much! Have so much fun this week!

Elder Himes