Saturday, August 15, 2015

Calculus is Fun

Grandma & Grandpa Olson sent ANOTHER Package!
Hello family and friends! Yes, sometimes I take breaks to try a calculus problem on the board. Don't judge me.

Two cool thoughts I had.
1 "God cannot guide your steps if you are sitting on your bum."
2 "The mission (or Life) Is not to just be completed. It is a two year work of art, and it can be beautiful if you work with the master painter."

Hello everyone! I love you all very much! I had and excellent week here again! I got called to be the district leader, that is a little weird! Its a little intimdating but Im going to work hard and try my best!

Spanish is going well! Im sounding less and less gringo every day, even though Im still super gringo! 

I practiced the Cello again! I think Im gooing to play the sunday before I go! That will be fun! 

Lets see not to much else to report on except... I got my travel plans YUSS! I'm so scared/pumped/nervous/ready/notready/excited/feellikeimgoingtothoughup to go to argentina It will be great!

Last thought! You all are childern of GOD! Never forget that God knows you! And remember the person on your right and left are his kids too. Try to treat everyon accordingly. Including yourself.

Love you all ver very much!!

Elder Himes

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