Monday, September 26, 2016

Baptisms and Adventures!

Hey team! How are you all doing? I'm doing really really good! 

I'm especially excited cause we had two baptisms this week! They are named Milagros, and Agnese. They are both nine year old girls, and rest of their family are members. 

Their families were less actives, but we have been working with them and helping them come back to church. And they are starting to come back! It was really interesting teaching them. We had to teach really really simply. We had to draw out the 10 commandment, and the word of wisdom. We did arts and crafts with them and painted rocks to help them to remember to pray. It was fun! We had to be a little creative. 

Also, at the baptism, we did a musical number. It was awesome. The mom of Agnese sings in a choir, and she invited some of her professional friends to come sing and they invited us too! We sang an evangelical song. It turned out super cool. Especially considering I don't know how to sing. It was just a really special experience!

The adventure! Tonight, we are going on an adventure. A long time ago in the mission there was an area farther north from here called Sierra Grande. This last week the president from there asked if we would go over there and teach a few references. So tonight we are going to travel, sleep in the branch presidents house, and then come back at 6 in the morning Wednesday. It's going to be awesome!

I love you team! Have a great week!

Elder Himes

Monday, September 19, 2016

Waiting & Walking & Wonderful Stuff

Hey Team! How is it going? We had a really good week!

This week my comp and I had to go to the bus stop at 11 at night and wait until 1 in the morning cause an Elder in our zone went to train. He was coming from the mission home, and his colectivo <bus> broke down. So we had to wait for a long time.

Also, this last P-day we went to take a walk as a zone on the dock. It was super cool! We saw a bunch of whales and seals. Ive now decided that my new calling in life is to sail the ocean when I get home from the mission. Not really, but it would be kind of cool. 

This week we have seen a lot of miracles. A lot of people are coming to us to be taught, Like three times this week people have stopped us in the street to talk to us. That normally never ever happens. The lord really is hastening his work!

I love you all Have a great week!

Elder Himes

Monday, September 12, 2016

All Travel, No News

I traveled to Comodoro this week for consejo <interviews?>. And then to Trelew for a meeting with the Stake President. So this week I had like two days in my area. Traveling makes you really really, really tired. But it was a good consejo. Fun to see some friends from the mission. 

Sorry this email is a little boring. Ill write more next week!

Elder Himes