Monday, January 11, 2016

Five Thousand Words Worth of Pictures!

Hey team! How is it going for all of you? I'm doing really good! We had an awesome week down south. There are some really awesome investigators that we are teaching right now. This area has a lots of potential!

Some cool things that happened this week...

I got an eye infection! 

Ok thats not really cool, but its different I guess. I woke up and my eye was all swollen. I looked pretty ugly. But I'm all better now, although I'm not sure if I look any more attractive. (Don't worry Mom, really I'm all better now.)

We traveled to Viente ocho de Diciembre for a zone meeting. 

We are 8 missionaries here in this zone. Very small. But it was fun. On the way back we got to Calafate at like 1:00 in the morning. That was fun. 

I ate the Calafate berry

Its a berry that grows a lot here. They say that if you eat Calafate berry while you are in Calafate, you are going to return to Calafate. Also is stains your tongue... like gushers. 

It was a great week! I had lots of fun! I hope that you are all doing great! Love you loads!

Elder Himes

Monday, January 4, 2016

I Love My New Area!

Oh my word! How is it going? I am doing great! I love my new area. 

My companion is such a cool guy! He is from Guatemala, he teaches really well, is super funny, and just an all around nice guy. I love him so much! 

Our pension <apartment> is a castle! I have carpet in my bedroom. Carpet! That doesn't exist in South America. 

Calafate is so beautiful. There is so much green here, and from the window in my bedroom I can see a huge lake. There is a lot of light here, meaning it is light out side at like 4 in the morning and still light when we go to bed at 10:30 at night. 

My new district is awesome! We are 4 Elders; My comp and I, and two more Elders (one from Peru, and the other from Mexico.) We have lots of fun together. 

Calafate if very touristy. You can walk through centro (Which is the "down town" area) and hear like 4 different languages. In church there was a family that all looked like they were gringos. I talked with them and it turns out they are from Brazil. I guess we get a lot of visitors here. 

I am very excited to work here. Its going to be awesome!


Elder Himes