Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Peace Out America"

Hello my lovely Family and Friends! How are you all doing? I'm assuming good, cause you are all the best! No joke!

So Many Hours Spent @This Desk!!
Wow, what a week! I will try to be concise!

We had the best Sunday devotional. It was a concert! Yes, that is right! The Nashville tribute band came and performed for us! It was sweeeet! They would bear testimony and tell stories and then jump right into a song. I got to sing back up for them (in the choir) on two songs. Listen to "John's Song" "Arising" and "I was born". You wont regret it!

This Sunday I also Got to play the cello for sacrament! Holy sweet that was awesome! Can't even tell you guys! I was super nervous but then I said a prayer and asked for help. And it went so flipping well. Probably one of my best performances, which is amazing considering I didn't practice very much. And the spirit was so strong! 

Sam & McKay Waters
Today I'm going to be packing for Argentina! AHHHH What? Is that even real life? I feel like I just barely got here. No joke time is the absolute weirdest thing in the MTC! I feel like I've lived my whole life here, and I just barely arrived! I can't even describe it. But I don't feel prepared to go into the field. But I know that I'm not going on my own! I have got Jesus Christ on my side! And that is all that matters!

A few things that I've really enjoyed this week. Ab work outs, missionary pull ups, and scripture study. Actually scripture study is way way better than the first two. It is awesome spending an hour getting to know my savior. 

I love you all very much! I'm going to miss America, a little bit, Mainly excited to get out there!! It'll be the bomb! Have a great week! And get to know your savior!

Elder Himes
Objective for the Next Two Years
MTC Pull Ups

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