Monday, March 14, 2016


Hey Team! This week was super good!

Can I just tell you what one of the best feelings is? Coming back to the pension just completely exhausted, But knowing that you gave everything to share your testimony. It is great!

This week we had a really humbling experience. My comp and I were walking to an appointment with a member to teach an investigator, and were were a little far away, and a little late. So we were going pretty quick. As we were walking down this dirt road in the middle of nowhere this man comes up to us and stops us. He said, "I tell you what, I've been drinking, smoking and listening to the football game, but I came up to talk to you. Why? Cause of respect." I thought, "Oh great. We are going to be late." 

He started to talk about how he had talked with missionaries before in Cordoba, and he wanted us to go by his house. So we set up an appointment with him and went on with our day. 

A few days past and we went to the appointment. I wasn't feeling that good about it. I was thinking that he wasn't going to be there or was just going to be a crazy guy. But we got in, and he told us that his dad had died two days ago - the very day he talked to us in the street, he got the news a few hours later. We were able to teach and testify about the plan of salvation. I was reminded that the Lord is preparing the people. I realized that everyone of us has a potential to be like our older brother Jesus Christ. We may not believe it, there may be doubts, but it is true and there is nothing that can change it.

I love you all so much! You are the greatest, Thank you for all the support!


Elder Himes

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