Monday, July 11, 2016

One Year and Mate

Hey team! So, as many of you know. We have changed mission presidents. I've served with President Rogers for one year, and now I will serve with Presidente Salerno for the other year. (This week the 15th I complete one year, So if you all  want to send me a birthday cake or something you can.) 
But we have seen a few changes in the mission. The biggest is that we can drink mate now! Mate is a traditional Argentinan drink that everyone drinks! Like, everyone. But we couldn't. So I passed one year watching everyone drink it wondering what it tastes like. 
But Now, we can drink it in the pension. I tried it for the first time in my life the other day... It was interesting. But Im going to keep drinking until I love it. And then I will make mate a thing in the USA!

In other new! Julia, an investigator of the Hermanas got baptized! That was awesome! She is really cool, and she asked If I would baptize her! I had to remember all 5 of her names for the prayer. It was a really spiritual baptism though!

I love you team!

Have a good week!

Elder Himes

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