Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July

Hey Team! To celebrate the 4th of July down here in Ushuaia, we had a blizzard last night. It was literally so darn cool walking back to the pension last night in a snow storm. Goodness! Its not all that cold today, but everything is covered in snow. 

This week we had a pretty cool experiences. We were out trying to visit a few investigators, but no one was home, so We decided to go visit some members. We got there and started chatting. Then, literally about 7 minutes later the member's brother walked in with a friend. He just arrived in Ushuaia that morning and was super interested in the church. We gave him a Book of Mormon. and invited him to church. And... HE CAME! He came to church this Sunday and loved it! It was such a miracle!

Goodness team. Miracles are real. You just need to look for them! Thanks for being the best team ever! Keep being awesome, keep praying! I love you all!

Elder Himes

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