Monday, July 18, 2016

Full Fledged Argentinian!

I am a true Argentinian now. After drinking mate for a week, I am real. I feel really good. 

We had a really good week! The new president came down to Ushuaia to meet all of us. He is a really nice guy. We all got together to meet him, and then were able to have interview this week! It was great. 

My comp and I had a cool miracle this week. This last Monday, we decided to leave to go to work a little bit early we left the pension at 5:15 to go contacting. The very first person that we talked to was a young kid named Dante. We told him what we did, and asked if we could teach him some day. And he said 'yes'! Then we asked him were he lived and he said, I'll just walk with you to it. He turned completely around and walked with him for ten minutes to his house. Were were then able to teach him the plan of salvation! It was great!

What I learned is that when we sacrifice a little bit for the Lord, he blesses us so much more. We sacrificed 45 minutes of P-day, and he blessed us with a new person to teach!

Have a great week team!


Elder Himes

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