Monday, May 16, 2016

I'm in the End of the Earth!

Hey team!!! I made it to Ushaia!! 

The journey was long and hard and cold... well actually, mainly long. Our bus broke down, I guess that is kind of cool. 

Ushaia is awesome, my comp, Elder Popa, is a straight up stud. He wants to work really hard, and is really humble. The members are awesome. They all fight to give us food. (I'm going to get really fat here.) The zone is great. I'm super excited for the next few transfers. 

Today we went on a crazy sweet hike. It was like 12 kilometer. At the top there was a frozen lake, and a glacier. It was super awesome. The hike reminded me of all of the hikes that I did in Utah. The mountains are the exact same! It was pretty darn cool! Well Team. I just hope you know that I really love all of you a lot. Thanks for everything you do! Keep going strong. I know that this is the true church! Please stay true to the church. There is no good reason to fall away. 

I love you! 

Elder Himes

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