Monday, May 30, 2016


Hey Team! How goes it? I had a really good week! 

This week I had to give to baptismal interviews! It was crazy, I had never done that before in my life! I think I was probably more nervous that there were. But Luckily both of them were really prepared and passed with flying colors! 

This month our mission broke the baptism record! And The Plan is to break it again next month cause President Rogers is going home at the end of the month. 

This week we saw some really cool miracles in our area! We found a ton of people to teach. A cool story. We had a really sweet day with a ton of scheduled appointments. We thought it was going to be awesome! Then Every single appointment fell through. Even lunch. So we said, "I guess we can knock doors..." 

So we started. Then someone answered and said, "Hey, Elders!! What in the world!!" This man name Marcelo opened the door. He told us that He got baptized a long time ago. But hasn't come for a long time for work. He asked us, "Did someone send you here our did you just find the house?" We told him that we were just contacting and we ran into him. He said "Wow Incredible. Every time something hard happens in my life the Elders come by my house." 

He told us about the other times that they randomly showed up when he was having a hard time. He had us come in and basically testified hardcore to his Mom and wife. We have a cita <appointment> with them after P-day!

I was thinking about Miracles a little bit. God Is a good of miracles. But sometimes we don't see them cause we don't look for them. Did You guys know that we should be seeing miracles in our lives? If we are not, we should change something. God always wants us to be able to see his hand in our lives, but we are the ones that shut our eyes sometimes. Go Look for miracles this week! I love you all very much!!

Elder Himes

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