Monday, May 2, 2016

Cello From The Other Side (Of the World)

Hey Team! SO, as you can see, I FOUND A CELLO! 

What in the world! I was so excited. This last Monday, right after P-day, we went to go knock doors for a little bit. The first house we went to the window was wide open and there was a cello right in front of it! I clapped the door so hard. (Here in Argentina we clap instead of knocking) 

A lady came out and said, "Hey there, who are you looking for?" I basically said, "Hey! We are missionaries! And I saw you had a cello! Ummm, can I play it!?" 

Yes, it was that awkward. 

I pulled Out the pictures that I had with my cello so she knew I was telling the truth.! She let us in and I started playing. I would love to say that it was perfectly in tune, and I remembered all of the hymns I had every learned, and I played a song that melted her heart and everyone just started crying cause it was so awesome. I'd like to tell you that, but I can't. 

Haha, It was really out of tune, and after almost 10 months of no practice, it wasn't the best that I had ever played. But! We were still able to get into a house and find some new investigators. We had a really nice lesson with them and were able to explain the restoration. It is really nice to see that Heavenly Father can work with everyone. Even a 10 month out of practice cellist! 

I love you all so much! Have a great week!


Elder Himes

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