Monday, December 12, 2016

A Flipping Fantastic Week

Hey Team. 

We had a flipping fantastic week. For real, it was great. We had a ton of miracles that happened this week. We are now working with 6 people with a baptismal date. Which is great for us. Cause a few weeks ago we had nothing. 

This week we decided to talk with everyone. And it has been going great! I love being able to invite everyone. God has been helping us a lot with finding new people to teach. Some of our best investigators were people we just found in the street, or contacting. 

So yeah, life is going good! I sure love you guys a lot! 


Elder Himes

P.S. It is getting flipping hot here! I can hardly stand it sometimes. It is crazy. 

P.P.S. Some of you guys might remember Juan. One of my best investigators from Ushuaia. That never got baptized with me. I wanted him to get baptized SO bad. I was always thinking about him. and praying for him. Well, this week HE GOT BAPTIZED!!! Whoa! Like 7 months late. 

Another missionary called me and told me that he bore his testimony. He said, "I'm very grateful for Elder Himes and elder Popa, the first missionaries that knocked my door!" It literally was the best feeling in the world hearing that! Vamos todavia!!

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