Monday, June 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Mission!

Hey Team. How is it going? Guys, I love being a missionary. It is super awesome!

This week we had a our zone meeting. I had to give a talk about Miracles and how they come after our faith. It was really fun. Its something that Ive seen a lot in my mission, that the miracles always come after the hard times. If we stick it through, we will always see the miracle. 

Today is the Birthday of the mission. Three years ago today, the Mission Comodoro Rivadavia was born. We got together with all of the missionaries of our zone and Rio Grande. And we hiked La Laguna Esmeralda. It is a hike to a frozen lake. It was super Beautiful. After Writing we are going to eat an Asado with all of the missionaries. Its going to be good! 

I love you guys a ton. The work is going great. I love Ushuaia so much! Have a great week team!

Elder Himes

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