Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference!

Hey Team! Wow Was general Conference not just amazing? Oh my heavens I felt the spirit so incredibly strong. I have so much to improve and change. I love it!

A few cool/funny stories. 

Saturday morning session we wanted to do something cool with the branch, so the missionaries got there early and made pancakes for the whole branch. We got it set up really nice and made a ton. In total, 7 people showed up for our special missionary breakfast, so we got to eat a lot of pancakes each!

We were in gringo land watching conference on a computer. It was a small room. And we shut the door cause it was cold and we didn't want to hear the other conference playing in the chapel. Then, someone knocked on the door. We tried to open it, but we couldn't. We realized that the door, once shut, doesn't open from the inside. We told Gonzalo (the little 8 year old that was knocking on the door to go find the keys.) He then let us out. Then five minutes later the talk "Were are the keys" Came on by Elder Renlund. We all laughed a lot. 

Before the priesthood session we went and bought a kilo of ice-cream even though it was really cold outside. The tradition continues!

The spirit really touched me this conference. I had lots of questions answered. Something that really stuck out to me this conference was humility. It was talked about a lot. One of my favorite questions was answered by elder Uchtdorf. Is it really more important to be right than to have an atmosphere where you can feel the spirit? Nope. It is not. Being humble is so incredibly important. When we are humble, we are willing and seeking to repent. We accept the course correction that we need. 

Please be humble. Please be willing to change. I love you guys so much. I know that this is the one and only true church. It really is the most important thing in the world. Please remember that. 

Sorry team, conference gets me all excited. I really do love you all so much. Have a great week! 


Elder Himes

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