Saturday, July 25, 2015


Hey friends and Family! Another week down in the MTC! I have loved it soo much! It's hard, and I'm always busy, but there is no place I would rather be! I know that I am doing the right thing when I am here. 

Brother Garcia - Spanish Teacher
I love how much I can feel the spirit here! I feel so happy being around other people that have chosen to serve the Lord. I love how everything is focused on others! Everything we do here, we do so we can better help people come unto Christ! It is the greatest! 

Spanish Class
Spanish is coming along. Kind of :) We got a new teacher named Hermano Garcia. He doesn't speak much English. Sometimes he calls us Mexicans. I 
really like it when he does that. But he is a powerful teacher. Even in dumbed down Spanish he teaches with the spirit. I want to be a teacher like him while I’m out. 

Ok I have to go! I’m going to the barber shop now. I want to stop looking like a punk kid!

I love you all very much! Have an excellent week and study your scriptures!!!

Elder Himes

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