Monday, May 8, 2017

Back To Old Stomping Grounds

Hey there everyone! How are you all doing? This week was really cool! 

At the beginning we went to Las Heras, my first area. It is as ugly as I remember, but I feel like I love the people there even more now! Ha ha maybe it has to do with the fact that I understand them now. 😉

I found Cristian Piccinini there, the first boy that I baptized here on the mission. It was such a special experience. I literally almost started balling when he said that he never will forget about me! Goodness! 

My comp and I have been seeing a lot of miracles.

A family that we gave a Book of Mormon to three weeks ago, said that they were reading it together as a family.

A woman that we contacted at her door gave us tamales .

This week we did an activity with the youth. We wanted to show everyone how to share the gospel with Facebook. How did we do it? I put a fake beard on, and told everyone about how I used to preach the gospel in 1592 and how I baptized a bunch of dinosaurs. But the other missionaries taught me about the videos of the church and social media. It was really fun!

But yeah! I love y'all Have a great week!

Elder Himes

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