Monday, August 15, 2016

Pancakes For The Win!

Hey Team! We had another cool week up here in Madryn! 

We had a cool experience down here. There is a family called la familia Machado. All of the kids are members, but the parents aren't. The parents have never wanted any thing to do with the church. When ever the Elders would go over to teach, the mom would either make them teach outside, or she would leave the house. The Elders never really even had the chance to teach her. 

This week, we went by the house, and by a miracle one of the kids let us in, and the parents were there. We just started talking with them, becoming their friends. Their job is they make churros, and sell them in the street. I Told the Hermana, "Lets make a deal, If you teach me how to make churros, I will teach you how to make american pancakes." (Argentine pancakes are more like crepes.) She agreed, and we went over this Thursday and did it. I don't want to brag, but I will a little - I made them some bomb diggity pancakes. And they taught us how to make churros, and it was super cool!

While we were eating, the mom said, "Wow, you guys are pretty much the first Elders that I've received in the house since I've been here." She said that she had a fun time and would like to do another family home evening! It was awesome!! We were able to give her "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" and invite here to read it.

So I learned two things:

  1. How to make some bomb churros, (totally going to start a business when I get back)
  2. All of our talents are important. Who would think that pancake making could help with sharing the gospel? It totally can! Just remember, God is so smart. He can do wonders with us if we let him.

Have a great week team!

Elder Himes

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